College Scholarship Just For Playing Golf

College Scholarship Just For Playing Golf

If you are a golf whiz and would like to attend a post secondary education institution then you should most definately at least take a look around and see if any colleges or universities offer scholarships for students. Academic achievers are always on the lookout for scholarships, but often aren’t very physically built. Golf is a game that anyone can play regardless of their physical fitness – it’s more about coordination and smooth movements than endurance.

1. Get Recognized For Your Achievements

Finding a college that recognizes golf as an academic sport and offers scholarships for it can be difficult. Most high schools do not offer golf as part of their physical education regimen, for example. Some areas of the world like Scotland and England have more golf scholarships because it is a more recognized sport. The same is true for Italy and soccer (or football as it’s called there) or Canada and hockey.

2. College Golf Scholarships

If you are lucky enough to get a golf scholarship, you can immediately enjoy many benefits. If you are seriously looking at a professional career as a golfer, like Tiger Woods, then being on a golf team and having been awarded a scholarship is a great way to distinguish yourself from other students. Prospective coaches out there will be looking for students just like you to help them enhance thier game. They are looking for enthusiasm as well as natural abilty.

3. Who Qualifies?

There’s more to getting a golf scholarship than simply being good at playing golf. You will need to be a student that has demonstrated their academic as well as athletic ability – be able to show that you have maintained excellent grades. You might also want to show that you can not afford to play the sport and attend school at the same time – but show that you could pay for one or the other. This shows that you have the sincere desire both to learn and excel on the field simultaneously.