How To Get Affordable Automobile Insurance In South Carolina

How To Get Affordable Automobile Insurance In South Carolina

Driving without insurance in South Carolina isn’t really an option. The moment an insurance policy lapses or is canceled on any registered vehicle in South Carolina the state is informed. 20 days later, if a new insurance policy has not been added to that vehicle the registration tags and license plates are canceled and your driver’s license is tagged. Reinstating a vehicle at that point becomes very time-consuming and expensive.

Rather than put yourself through all of that hassle, why not simply use the information in this article to help you get affordable automobile insurance in South Carolina. It’s probably easier than you think.

If you are considering buying a vehicle check with your insurance agent first. Not all vehicles cost the same to insure and before you set your heart on a vehicle that you can’t really afford to insure, ask your agent for a list of vehicles that cost the least to insure.

How you drive is even more important that what you drive. If you really want affordable automobile insurance then you need to keep your driving record as spotless as possible. You don’t want it littered with speeding tickets or other moving violations and you definitely do not want any convictions for DUI or DWI on your record. Even one DUI or DWI conviction and you will not be seeing affordable automobile insurance for at least 3 years – and maybe much longer!

Can you use public transportation for many of your “driving” needs? If you can reduce your monthly driving down to 500 miles or less you can qualify for a rather hefty Low Mileage Discount on your insurance.

In a similar vein if you can carpool to work you can also save on your car insurance each month. If you have recently stopped working for any reason, and you are no longer driving back and forth to work at all, then be sure to let your agent know as this can reduce your monthly insurance premium by quite a bit.

Do you have a garage where you can park your car at night? If so, this can also save you money every month.

If your car is so old that it no longer has any Kelly Blue Book value then you are wasting your money if you continue to pay for collision or comprehensive insurance.

If you combine all of your insurance policies – homeowner’s, health, life, etc. – with the same insurance company you will receive a break on your car insurance payment each month.

Don’t make a lot of small claims. Save your claims for the big stuff. The longer you can go without filing any claim the more of a break you’ll get on your insurance. Some companies begin offering discounts as quickly as 6 months without a claim.

Drivers under 25 can save 5% a month on the cost of their insurance simply by staying in school and maintaining at least a 3.0 grade point average.

Drivers over 55 can often save 10% a month if they take – and pass – a special driving course. Ask your agent if you qualify for this discount.

Ask your agent if you will save any money by purchasing – and using – a steering wheel locking device or a simple electronic device that shuts off your fuel pump unless you key-in a secret code.

Increasing your deductible is a fast and reliable way of reducing your monthly insurance premium, but it can also be a double-edged sword. If you ever have a claim you will need to come up with your deductible in cash before your insurance company will pay the rest of your claim, so don’t offer to pay more than you can actually come up with.

The final step in getting affordable automobile insurance in South Carolina is to get online and find 3 different websites that compare the cost of automobile insurance from different companies.

The trick here is to use the information in this article to enter the exact same information onto the form at all 3 websites so that your comparisons really have some value. Now simply choose the cheapest company and you’re done. That’s it! This is how you get affordable automobile insurance here in South Carolina and save money month after month and year after year.

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