TripleWin Advisory

TripleWin Advisory is an advisory firm that promotes strategic sustainability measures. เว็บ triple win with the top levels of business and industry to help them improve their sustainability efforts. Their clients include a wide range of companies, from startups to established businesses. In addition to advising companies on sustainability issues, they also provide a platform to share knowledge and best practices.

TripleWin was founded in 2009 as a management consultancy. Four years later, the company developed NOOA, a web-based business management software, to help corporations manage their digital transformation. It has now signed its first US customers and opened a Chicago-based office. The company has expanded its reach to the United States with the launch of its new service, NOOA.

TripleWin’s goal is to generate 100 million euros of turnover in five years. To achieve this goal, it is aiming to become a thought leader in the digital change management space. As the market is estimated to be worth more than $550 billion dollars in the US alone, it believes it is in the right place at the right time.

The nursing sector in Germany is suffering from a severe shortage of skilled staff. There is not enough qualified staff to meet the growing demand. In fact, experts expect that an additional 500,000 nurses will be needed by 2030. Moreover, demographic changes will worsen the situation in the medium term. To help with this, the German Federal Employment Agency’s International Placement Services (POEA) has launched a project known as the Triple Win Project. With the help of the project, skilled workers in other countries can get new jobs in Germany.

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