What is Money Origami?

What is Money Origami?

What is money origami? Money origami involves the art of folding paper money. This may not sound too difficult. After all how much could a person actually make with a tiny dollar bill? Well over the years many people have taken on the challenge of money origami projects. Using the same principles that apply to paper origami, individuals have learned how to make clever and unique objects using money origami.

Some of the objects that have been successful created using money origami are a spider, a butterfly, a shirt, a sailboat, a ring, a serpent, a valentine, just to name a few. What would cause a person to begin money origami? It could be a number of things. Perhaps while sitting in a restaurant waiting on the waiter the customer pulls out a paper bill and begins playing around with it. Students who are bored in the classroom look for things to occupy their minds and time. Why not make something out of their lunch money? Why this idea was started we’re not sure but money origami can certainly pass time.

What type of bill can be used in money origami? The answer is to this question is simple – any currency is suitable for money origami. So it doesn’t matter which airport or restaurant you are waiting in, you can always pull out a paper bill and attempt money origami. Instead of visiting the gift shops and spending money, you can sit back, play with your money and save in the process.

Money origami may not sound very interesting to some people but to others it is quite fascinating and a reason to continue looking for new objects to make with their money. For people who are familiar with the art of origami, money origami is not a new concept. However for those who know little about origami, they may be astounded to see what can actually be made from a single dollar bill. It’s amazing what a dollar bill can get you by simply making a few simple folds.

There is plenty of available material about origami including books and publications about money origami. If you are interested in learning about the art of origami or are intrigued by money origami, there is plenty of written material circulating. If you visit the local library or bookstore and are unsuccessful in finding reading material about money origami or origami in general, you might want to continue your search on the Internet. Because the Internet provides worldwide access to data, you may be able to learn about origami from some of the greatest origami artists. You could also access information regarding the history of origami and its cultural values in various parts of the world including Japan and China. It’s always exciting to learn new ideas. Once a person becomes interested in an activity such as money origami they generally want to learn all there is to know about it. The Internet is definitely your greatest database regarding money origami.

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